Welcome to EarthBleed

What is EarthBleed?

EarthBleed was established as a way to list various animal charities based in southern Africa. We look into what the charities claim they are doing for animals and verify if what they claim to be doing is true. The idea started after we saw how many of these charities were misleading their donors. This abuse of the generosity of the donors has created a lot of doubt as to who to believe and who not to believe. This doubt makes many donors simply choose not to donate, which has a negative impact on those who run legitimate organisations that benefit the animals.

What to Look Out For?

Below is a list of things one should look out for when chosing an animal charity to support:

  1. Does the charity have a website?
  2. Are the people behind the charity named?
  3. Does the charity have an address listed?
  4. When asked for information do they provide it?
  5. Does the charity have a non-profit number?
  6. Is there information on what they have accomplished?
  7. Are there photos of the projects that they are involved in?
  8. Is the charity backed by other organisations or individuals which are well-known?
  9. If you do a search on the internet for information on the organisation do you get any search results to confirm the organisations' existence?
  10. Does the organisation have a social media presence, and if so are there people praising them for the work they do?
  11. Use of dramatic wording in fundraising appeals like "they will die if you do not donate" usually an alarm bell.